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ALBA OS enter into an agreement with a mid-level Drilling Contractor to supply two subsea engineers to provide assistance in relation to High Temperature, High Pressure Well Control Equipment upgrades on two of their Offshore Rigs.
High temperature and high pressure is becoming more common in the drilling industry.
Subsequently we are finding there is a lack or limited amount of knowledge on behalf of the contractors and oil companies, often these parties ask us to provide information or even a complete programme to upgrade the rigs existing well control equipment to high temperature and in most cases with high pressure included in the up-grade.
Question?? What are high temperature and what equipment is upgraded?
  1. High temperature starts at temperatures above 250°F.
Hydril:?Rubber seals are rated for 20 – 180°F for continuous operation and up to 250°F for intermittent operations. The high temperature seals are designed for 30 – 250°F and a maximum of 350°F intermittent.
Shaffer:?Standard ram packers are rated from -10 – 200°F and the Ultratemp rubber packers are rated from?- ? 20 – 350°F.
Cameron:?Annular BOPs and VBR packers are rated 70 – 180 °F for continuous operation and extremes of?- 30 – 200 °F.
Ram Bops?have a standard temperature rating of 0 – 220 °F for continuous operation and extremes of – 20 – 250 °F.
Ram BOPs for high temperature have a rating of 0 – 250 °F for continuous operation and extremes of – 20 – 350 °F.
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