November 2014: Vietnam

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ALBA OS secured and entered into a contract with Major Russian Offshore Drilling Contractor to supply two experienced Subsea Engineers to carry out the following duties on a Drill Ship’s well control equipment, which was located in a Vietnam shipyard

1) To supervise assembling and commissioning the subsea Cameron double BOPs– H4 HD wellhead connector, LMRP with dual Hydrill annular, HC Cameron connector & BOP MUX control system.

2)?Review and clarify the status and quality of the OEM & Vendor Mechanical Completions & Commissioning documents for all Subsea equipment designated for the Drillship, which are currently in force, and IF required; provide and produce suitable commissioning documents where they are lacking and or substandard.

3)?Build and compile a complete library of Commissioning documents, which will pass scrutiny by any potential third party inspections company, to ensure the Subsea equipment has been produced to Industry & Class Standards as a minimum.

4)?Provide a detailed daily report (with photo) to the clients Rig Manager.


Key areas to concentrate on the tear down, rebuild and commissioning phase of the project specifically but; not limited to; were the following-

  • Review Commissioning procedures provided by the OEM and any third party vendor, and amend or comment as required.
  • Provide expertise in relation to good industry standard practices prior to commissioning operations commencing and during all commissioning procedures.
  • Attend “kick off” meeting on arrival with the clients / OEM representatives to discuss the particular areas of concern.
  • Discuss the plan for the build and commissioning schedule, with all parties involved.
  • Firm up the single point of contact with the OEM / Vendor management in relation to but not limited to the following –
    • Mile Stones for the tear down and rebuild of the complete Subsea equipment.
    • Mile Stones for the Commissioning of all Subsea equipment., once installed correctly
    • Any potential road blocks to the tear down and rebuild of the Subsea equipment.
    • Any potential road blocks to the Commissioning Plan of all Subsea equipment.
    • Confirm any FAT visits for key equipment to arrange and schedule.
    • The Subsea engineer will attend each working day on site to conduct, drive, assist and monitor the tear down, rebuild and commissioning of all subsea equipment for and on the Drill Ship.
    • The Subsea engineer will work together with the crew on the BOP & BOP control systems, under supervision of the ship’s Senior Subsea engineers.
    • Due to the fact of working in a 24 hour environment, if required the ALBA subsea engineer will work a minimum of 12 hours nightshift.

The subsea engineer will work “hands on,” to rebuild the BOP, MUX control systems and the associated auxiliary equipment and then function test and pressure test the same.

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