January 2014: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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ALBA OS entered into a contract with a premium International offshore drilling Contractor, which requested the detailed inspection and witness the ?“tear down” and rebuild of two (2) Cameron 18-3/4” 15k ?double Ram Type BOP units, ?at present located in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. This survey consisted of three stages, as follows

Stage A –

A1) To review the documentation package and understand the previous re-furbishment by the OEM in their workshops in the KSA

A2) To witness, verify, record the procedures and report the actual condition and tear down of both double ram type BOP units as the units are being stripped down.

A3) To review and take actual measurements of stripped parts and equipment after cleaning, where required to identify the actual condition of both BOP units and record in the main report.

Stage B –

B1) To review the re-build procedures are correct and being followed correctly as per the OEM procedures during the re-build of both BOP units, and record in the main report detailed information on the re-build procedures.


Stage C –

C1) To review the proposed complete testing procedures are correct, and the equipment being used for the testing are compliant with industry standards and fully calibrated by a reputable third party inspection company, prior to any testing commencing.

C2) Witness the testing and ensure both units are fit for purpose as per Industry Standards and the OEM’s procedures as a minimum. After the testing is complete, compile all the relevant information and complete the detailed main reports for client.

The inspections of all equipment and their associated certifications will provide a list of all items that are deficient in relation to Industry Standards as well as a list of all items that require procuring, modified, or inspected/certified/replaced to ensure a methodical procedure is followed to the OEM’s standards, with the view to explaining the reason for both BOP units not being able to perform as designed, ?in conjunction with ?identifying ?and or any failures on behalf of the previous build.

A checklist for each BOP survey will be tailored in relation to the specific equipment required for each ram type double BOP unit.

Key areas to concentrate on the BOP surveys specifically but; not limited to the following-


  • Visual external condition prior to tear down commencing
  • Any failures evident when opening bonnet doors
  • Any collision damage visible, to ring gasket inserts or bonnet door faces.
  • Actual mill certs of ring gasket inserts
  • If H2S trim, review “sharpy” hardness impact test results for material included in the previous build. (NACE – MR-01-75 AS A MINIMUM API 53) as a minimum standard.
  • Inspect all bolts & bolt holes for damaged threads and galling
  • Inspect bonnet seal grooves for damage & pitting
  • Inspect the bonnet seal door face & seal area for flatness and pitting.
  • Inspect the ram bore cavities for scoring and pitting.
  • Inspect the spirolox retainer rings of the ram piston rods
  • Inspect the ram packers for cracking & excessive harness.
  • Inspect the batch numbers for all the rubber goods installed in both builds to ascertain their shelf life prior to installation.
  • Inspect the flange bolts for stretching. (Use of thread profile to measure the stretch)
  • Check the bore for keyseating & gauging.
  • Inspect the aft side of the ram blocks for any deformation.
  • Inspect the ram operating shafts for straightness, & the ram foot is square with the shaft.
  • Determine if there are any cracks on the foot of the shaft, or any deep gauges.
  • Check and record all critical dimensions for allowable wear, as per OEM schematic.
  • Check the ram bores for any scoring or pitting.
  • Check the ram bore ID for allowable wear.
  • Check for damaged “O” rings
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