February 2015: Peoples Republic of China

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ALBA OS enter into an agreement with a Major Middle East Drilling Contractor to supply experienced Electrical & Mechanical Engineers for a period of six months, to attend the yard of their clients; Rig manufacturer to oversee the Commissioning and testing of the clients six New, 1,500hp Land Rigs to International Standards, in South East China.


Part of the workscope included the following –

1) Review and clarify the status and quality of the rig manufacturer yard Mechanical Completions & Commissioning documents which are currently completed, and IF; required provide and produce suitable commissioning documents where they are lacking and or substandard.

2) Review the Mechanical Completions & Commissioning procedures and ensure they have been carried out and are recorded in a proper Industry Standard method, with clear traceability.

3) If certain procedures are missing then compile, produce and implement a suitable procedure where required.

4) Compile a complete itinerary of the Commissioning documents, which will pass scrutiny by any potential third party inspections company, to ensure the rig has been produced to Industry & Class Standards as a minimum, with clear traceability for all of the following as a minimum –


  • Mast
  • Drawworks
  • Generators KW
  • Main Engines
  • Height and adjustment of rotary table / floor
  • Certification of all Key equipment
  • Estimate time to overhaul sub-standard equipment in the event
  • Mud pumps
  • Rotary Table
  • Instrumentation Calibration
  • Foot print of rig on pad location


5) Provide a detailed daily report to the ALBA client’s, site manager.

6) Witness and assist during all Commissioning procedures and the final SIT, which will prove the rigs are; indeed “fit for purpose” to Industry Standards as a minimum


Key areas to concentrate on the Commissioning phase of the project specifically but; not limited to the following-


  • Review the Commissioning procedures provided by the manufacturer’s yard and amend or comment as required.
  • Provide expertise in relation to good industry standard practices prior to commissioning operations commencing and during all commissioning procedures, especially in preparation for the 24 hour SIT (Systems Integration Test.)
  • Conduct “kick off” meeting with Client representative / Rig yard representatives on site to discuss the particular areas of concern.
  • Discuss the plan for the Commissioning Schedule, and the final SIT
  • Firm up the single point of contact with the rig yard management in relation to but not limited to the following –
    • Mile Stones for Commissioning
    • Review the Commissioning schedule plan and comment where necessary
    • Identify any potential road blocks to the Commissioning Plan
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