Rig Stacking / Preservation

During periods of MODU inactivity there is a requirement for preservation of systems and equipment to avoid deterioration due to corrosion, contamination, moisture, rot, mildew, freezing, high temperatures, marine growth etc.

Based on the expected duration of inactivity the MODU owner may decide on different extents of preservation. In accordance with Maersk requirements this preservation system is based on two different levels of action.

Warm stack

– reduced crew and reduced OPEX - rig ready to commence operations within 3 months.

Cold stack

– No (almost no) crew, very little OPEX and ready to return to operations after 6 – 7 months as above based on rig equipment condition and availability.

Hot stacking of a rig, or ready stacking as it often referred to, means that the rig is idle but with most support systems operational. A Hot-stacked rig typically retains a maintenance crew and can deploy quickly if an operator requires its services. In a hot-stacked state, normal maintenance operations similar to those performed when the rig is active are continued by a crew so that the rig remains work ready. A maintenance crew is present on the rig on a daily basis to ensure that preservation and preventive maintenance schedules for drilling and general rig equipment are followed. Additionally, some machinery needs to run idle and/or under minimum load at scheduled intervals. For example, top-drive, Drawworks, mud pumps, diesel engines, water-makers, compressors, cranes, and galley equipment.

A rig is kept in a hot-stacked state when its owner anticipates that the rig will be able to return to work shortly and should therefore be ready to be mobilized within a few months. Hot-stacked rigs are actively marketed and considered part of marketable supply.

If the stacking is estimated to be of a longer duration the rig will be cold stacked where equipment is preserved in a manner so that it can be left without further maintenance and monitoring for and extended period of time. In such condition the rig will possibly only have security personnel or at most a very limited crew on a daily basis. Should more than one rig be stacked in the same location it is recommended that a single cold stack crew look after all the units.

As an option ALBA Oilfield Solutions can provide hot or cold stacking crews as necessary and further agreed. ALBA Oilfield Solutions team of highly trained multi skilled engineers are expertly qualified to perform the complete range of every-day tasks a hot or cold stacked rig requires such as mechanical & electrical inspections, servicing, repairing, preparing, painting, welding and other tasks on the never ending list of tasks and service items required for a stacked drilling rig.

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